Five Points #9





1.       Tomato Sauce

On Sunday, I made a big pot of tomato sauce.  This, of course, was an attempt to use up a large number of tomatoes from my garden.  The sauce was super easy to make.  Started off by simply sautĂ©ing garlic (also “Betsy Grown”) and onions in olive oil.   Then added like 4 pounds of roughly chopped fresh tomatoes and one can of tomato puree.  I let this simmer for almost an hour.  Then added fresh basil and organo and also salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.  That is it!


I love everything about this sauce.  I love that it was made from tomatoes that I spent like the three months tending to.  I also love the smell; it smells like summer.  We ate it both Sunday and Monday.  Sadly I ate the last little bit for lunch on Tuesday.


I served this sauce over angel hair pasta.  However, I’m not sure this was the best choice.  I think I need to learn how to pick the proper noodle for a specific sauce.  I’m officially adding that to my great life to-do list


2.       Recovery Week

This week is a recovery week, and I’m pretty happy about that.  Obviously, I love running.  Yet, I love the bonus time I get during a recovery week.  Since my long run is only 12 miles, my entire day is not consumed by my long run.  Which is excellent, because I need to get my eyebrow done!


3.       Garage Door Opener

On Friday last week, I took down our old garage door opener.  Since we moved into the house, it has never really functioned properly.  It was 13 years old.  It really only went up when it wanted.  You pushing the button was more of a suggestion.  Then on Saturday, I put up a new fancy belt-operated (i.e. very quiet) model. 


As I have said in the past, I really love the satisfaction of doing a project myself.  It’s not even really the new garage door opener.  It’s the fact that I did it, and that thing that I did adds utility to our home.  I think this might be due to my mid-western roots. 


4.       Running in the Rain

Monday I did an easy five miles in the rain.  If it’s not too crazy out, I actually enjoy running in the rain.  First, I don’t take music.  So the run already feels different and more peaceful.  Also, I find it rewarding that I don’t let a little rain stop me. 


5.       When Breath Becomes Air

This week, I finished reading “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi.  It was a wonderful book and, of course, made me cry.  If you don’t already know, this is the author’s memoir about his life that he writes after he is diagnosed with lung cancer.  He was an amazingly accomplished person and would have had a remarkable life.   He has way of presenting his story in a manner that is almost without emotion.  Meaning he doesn’t use this platform to vent his anger about his circumstances; beautifully and simply presents it as is. 


One of theme that resounded deeply with me was what if the life that you have been waiting and planning for never happens.  Are you missing today because you’re planning for an unpromised tomorrow?

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Rundown: Week of August 15th

IMG_3853My Saturday recovery run- a former amusement park

Everything about training is going great… Except my long run.  And of course, that’s the most important part for marathon training.  The last two weeks I have started off feeling sluggish and heavy-legged.  Then It’s downhill from there.  My pace at the end has been a few minutes slower than my first few miles.Each run I have stopped for something to drink, even though I am wearing my hydration pack.

The positive is that I have finished each long run; I didn’t short the distances.  I also seemed to recovery quickly.  I do a short recovery run the day after my long run (like 4-5 miles). Those feel tired but not impossible.

I’m going into a recovery week and my long run will only be 12.  That and a combination of lower temperatures, I am hoping for a bit of a turn around.  Marathon training is such a mind game.

Here are my workouts for the week:

Monday: 5 Miles

Tuesday: 4 Miles Pace

Wednesday: Rest and Lunch Yoga

Thursday: 10 miles and Lunch Yoga

Friday: 20 miles

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 7 x 800 Repeats

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Some New Safety Recommendations


In response to the killing of three female runners over the course of nine days, there have been a whole new wave of safety tips offered up for women.  I’m sure you know them but here is a list of the most common ones:   


Never run alone- especially on a trail.  Men are descendant of hunters… You parading about like a deer in the woods is just asking for it. 


Carry mace or some other weapon.  So when the big strong man decides to attack you, he’ll have an actual weapon with which to attack you.  This will also be super handy when being shot in the back.


Run during the day and where people can see you. You know- when all the men folk are off working so you ladies can have money to buy all those pretty dresses.


Run on a treadmill inside.  Because when you’re training for a 100-mile trail race, there is no better simulation of race conditions than a treadmill at the gym.


And my personal favorite- wear brightly colored conservative running clothes. Fuck you.


Yes- I know that as females we have to be hyper vigilant.  Especially when running.  Especially when running alone.  But here is the thing that pisses me off.  Whenever women are attacked, we go through this ridiculous act of listing safety tips for women to follow.  I’m not saying these tips aren’t needed, because clearly we do need to be on top of our safety.  However, this inane exercise of reiterating tired safety tips does nothing to address the real problem.  We need to address the real issue.  And let’s be clear the issue is men.  Specifically violent men. 


In addition to the above safety tips, I am providing a few new ones.   Mine are a little more long term and will require that we all agree that this male behavior is unacceptable.  But unlike the above tips, my recommendations will actually have some real impacts.


1. Teach men to be less violent and rape-y.


2. Also, let’s send a message to the rape-y misogynistic men of the world that it is not OK.  Instead of punishing them in the exact same manner you would someone for vandalism, let’s dole out real punishments.  To be clear, this is for all the rape-y men.  Yes even the cute young white boys and the really talented football players.  Oh… you violated this woman in a manner that cuts to her sole and forever strips her sense of safety, then you need to do some serious thinking during your nine month probation. 


3. While we are at it, let’s teach men to be more respectful towards women in general.    Stop honking at me, asshole! It makes me feel uncomfortable and running is my time to fucking recharge! You’re ruining it!


4. If these things don’t work, all men stay inside while I am running.  Yes- while I am outside running alone.  I run alone because it’s really difficult to find the time to run.  Damn near impossible to find time when you increase the number of schedules that have to be accommodated.  In fact every time a woman goes anywhere alone, all men will need to stay home. 


5. If these seems unreasonable, give me and every women their own body guard.  However, I don’t want a man body guard, because who can tell if they are trustworthy*.  No- I want someone like Brienne of Tarth- you know that bad-ass woman from Game of Thrones. 


*I will make an exception for Kevin Costner, because I do an amazing version of “I Will Always Love You”!


6. For the descent men of the world, don’t passively accept your friends’ assholery.  Yes- you might never say the horrible things to women that your friends would.  By not saying anything or even laughing, makes you an asshole by association. 


7.  Invest everything we can in education.  Especially in the education of women.  A world of strong well-educate women would solve all of our problems.  This is an insanely long term solution, but it will be the only way we will make any significant progress. 


I realize that in this post I come across as a man-hating feminist.  I am completely fine with that.  This fear of appearing to be a militant feminist is prohibiting progress.  It is fine for people to throw around solutions that limit my civil liberates (like dress more conservatively and never go anywhere alone).  However as soon as you direct any of the debate towards men, your message is undercut by being labeled as “man hating”.  I am a feminist.  I am not a man hater.  I just feel really strongly that women being murdered and raped is wrong.  Pointing out that my language is “unladylike” undercuts that message.



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